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Miriam Aguilar - Yuyus Bisuteria e Ivis Store

By 133

My first venture is Yuyus Bisuteria, and it was born almost 5 years ago.
I have always liked manual activities and at one point I realized that I had a wardrobe but no accessories to match, so I decided to take a basic wire training workshop ... I liked it so much that I wanted to continue learning!

I used my first "not so perfect" works but I liked knowing that they were made by me, then I started showing them to my friends, family and friends and they were my first clients and they still are!

I have been perfecting techniques, acquiring new knowledge until I achieve the jobs that I currently do.

My second venture was born in October 2020 is Ivis Store (body and facial care products) with a sub-line Ivis Soaps, where I make handmade soaps for all skin types.

Keeping my taste for artisanal or handmade, I trained in several workshops and soon learned to make them, I publicized them since currently due to the situation that the world is going through (pandemic) we need to take much more care of our hygiene, but much better if it is in a natural way.

The soaps are made with natural or organic ingredients, totally harmless to the skin in addition to their beautiful and varied models.

Both ventures aim to preserve and promote the Craftsmanship of our country and in this way reach the local market, which is the first to conquer.

Since there are countless ventures of this type, but the difference will always be the attention and quality provided that they will receive from us.

With the help of Chozas and all the support they give us to the Community, we can reach other foreign markets and offer all the products we make.

That they know Ecuador for its work and for its Artisan culture.

Most of the products that I use both in the elaboration of jewelry accessories and Handmade Soaps are obtained from local stores. Some materials are made in Ecuador and others brought from abroad but finally acquired by local suppliers.

Everything made by hand carries an additional value that will never be paid with money, but with your love and trust when purchasing a product from us.

"Handmade, made with love"

Label: Bisutería, Mujer
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