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Sonia Morocho - Seja Creatividad

By 544

Hello, my name is Sonia, I am 43 years old, I am the second of four siblings. I am from Loja - Ecuador. I did my studies at the National University of Loja, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a mention in Painting. I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur and creator of the SEJA CREATIVIDAD Brand, which represents the artistic work that I carry out.

I like to listen to music while I work or do other activities, from time to time I take my guitar, sing and sing some songs that I have in mind. I love filling my environment with plants, taking care of them, pampering them.

I really enjoy being in my workshop during the day. If it is not producing, it is thinking about what creation will emerge.

SEJA CREATIVIDAD, was born from the need to share and put into practice what was learned. And what better way than to do it through tangible, colorful, identity, decorative, utilitarian objects, elements full of soul, life and heart.

The beginnings were with very small products, representative souvenirs of the city of Loja, all of them with a story.

The final product were magnets made of cold porcelain, a material that is very malleable and easy to work with, this raw material after many unsuccessful experiments and in the end to be able to elaborate it, has been a great tool that has accompanied me during all these years, since they are some products that are worked with this raw material, which is made by hand.

They have been years of learning and they continue to be, always with the best intentions of offering quality products, made by hand.

The works are executed on different supports, wood, canvas, ceramic, cold porcelain, mdf, the result is for example: decorative mirrors, carved and painted by hand, key holders with different designs, decorative paintings, mandalas, figures that represent identity of the Lojana culture, in this case the indigenous people of the Saraguro culture.

These figures are made of cold porcelain, the indigenous woman, with her traditional dress, in her hands the spindle, with which she spins sheep's wool. And the Saraguro, a male figure, with his traditional attire and with his saddlebag on the man.

The fascinating thing about painting is that you can capture it on different media and there is no limit to creativity.

I have had the opportunity to participate in different exhibitions and public fairs, where I have offered my work and with immense gratitude, I can say that there are many who value and appreciate the work made by hand, because after a final product, there is a story, time invested , bad nights, great positive energy, lots of love and passion, mistakes, spoiled.

However, the greatest satisfaction is seeing the work completed and knowing that they buy it from you.


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