Seller's sales policies and code of conduct

Sales policies and code of conduct of affiliated artisans.

Sales policies and code of conduct of the producer, supplier and seller.

The producer, supplier and seller are expected to comply with the following standards when publishing products to The Huts store. Violating these rules and posting prohibited content may result in suspension of your account.

Code of conduct of producer, supplier and seller.

This policy requires the producer, supplier and seller to act fairly and honestly in Shop Huts to ensure that buying and selling operations are carried out safely.

All producers, suppliers and sellers must:

  1. To provide correct information at all times, both to Chozas Store and to our customers, if a price is not updated and the customer buys that product, the producer, supplier and seller will not be able to charge other value than that paid by the customer.

  2. The producer, supplier and seller is responsible for updating the information of their products, Chozas Store is not responsible for outdated information that generates any conflict with the customer.

  3. Do not attempt to harm another producer, supplier and seller by leaving harmful reviews on their products this leads to the suspension of their account indefinitely.

  4. Do not attempt to influence customer ratings, scores, or reviews.

  5. Do not send inappropriate or unsolicited communications.

  6. Do not contact customers, except through our customer service.

  7. Do not attempt to evade the process of selling Chozas Store, all purchase procedures must be done through the page once the customer starts the process.

  8. Do not operate more than one seller account in Chozas Store without a legitimate business need

  9. Do not harm the honor of the administrative members of Shop Huts.

  10. Do not publish third-party products that are not owned by the producer, supplier and seller.

  11. Send the products at the times set by Chozas Store to the customer, otherwise your account will be cancelled and your products will be removed from the platform.

  12. If the producer, supplier and seller wishes to cancel their affiliation, they must inform 60 days in advance in order to delete their data and products from Chozas Store.

  13. If a customer searches for a product that no longer belongs to Chozas Store they will be offered another similar product, from another brand, than if they belong to the platform.

  14. The producer, supplier and seller who has left the Chozas Store and wishes to re-affiliate, must do the check-in process again and will only have access to monthly membership available.

Violation of the Code of Conduct or any other Store Huts policy may result in actions against your account, such as cancellation, suspension or withholding of payments and revocation of your account as a seller.

Correct information

You must provide correct and real information to both Shop Huts and our customers, and update the information if it changes. For example, this means that you must use a trade name that properly identifies your business and you must use the correct category to publish your products.

Act fairly

You must act fairly and legally, and not misuse any services provided by Chozas Store. Examples of unfair activities include:

  1. Provide misleading or inappropriate information to Chozas Store or our customers, such as creating multiple detail pages for the same product or posting offensive product images.

  2. Manipulate the sales index (for example, accepting fake orders or orders paid for by yourself) or make claims about the sales index in product names or descriptions.

  3. Try to increase the price of a product after you have confirmed an order.

  4. Artificially manipulate data related to web traffic (using bots or click payment)

  5. Try to hurt another seller, through comments or misunderstood your brand with customers.

  6. Allow others to act on your behalf with Shop Huts.

Ratings, ratings and reviews

Attempting to manipulate or influence customer scores, ratings or reviews is not permitted. Yes, you are allowed to request, in a neutral way, ratings and reviews from your own customers, but you cannot:

  1. Pay or offer incentives (such as discount coupons or free products) in exchange for providing or eliminating ratings or reviews.

  2. Ask your customers to write only positive reviews or delete or modify a review.

  3. Request reviews only from customers who have had a positive experience.

  4. Write reviews about your own products or those of the competition.


Sending inappropriate or unsolicited messages is not allowed. All communications with customers must be made through Chozas Store Customer Service and only those communications necessary for order management or to provide customer service can be sent. Communications for marketing purposes are prohibited.

Customer data.

If you receive customer information, such as addresses or phone numbers to manage orders, it can only be used to manage orders, and must be deleted after the order has been processed.

You may not use customer information to contact customers (except through our customer service) or share it with third parties.

Get around the sales process

You should not attempt to bypass the process of selling Chozas Store or divert customers to another website. This means that you cannot provide links or messages that encourage users to visit external websites or conduct transactions elsewhere.

Multiple seller accounts in Shop Huts.

You can only maintain one Central Seller account for each region you sell in, unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all your accounts are healthy.

If any of your accounts aren't in order, we may deactivate all of your seller accounts until they are.

Examples of legitimate business justification.

  1. You own several brands and keep companies independent for each of them.

  2. You manufacture products for two different and separate companies.

Filing complaints as an agent or trademark protection agency.

We are aware that many trademarks use trademark agents or agencies to report intellectual property infringements on their behalf and accept statements from authorized agents.

However, Chozas Store does not allow individuals with seller accounts to file infringement complaints as a trademark agent when such complaints may benefit their own seller account (for example, by removing customers from the competition).

Chozas Store may close the seller account of anyone who, as an agent, files infringement complaints that benefit their own status as a seller.

Policies on collections of products sold.

Chozas Store cancels the producer, supplier and seller through cash at its headquarters and only bank transfer.

The producer, supplier and seller shall be clear that:

Customers pay directly to Chozas Store and after the product is shipped and the sale process is finished will proceed to cancel the corresponding value with the discounts included to the producer, supplier and seller on the dates set by Chozas Store.

The producer, supplier and seller must present the time and day of collections at the headquarters of Chozas Tienda that is currently established, if it does not show up at the time and day of collections, the payment will be made on the next cut-off date.

The producer, supplier and seller has the option to collect the money from their sales by bank transfer only, to do so they must provide an account number in entities that allow transfers. It will not be cancelled through deposits.

The costs, commission, transfer charged by the bank will be the responsibility of the producer, supplier and seller being deducted at the time of making the transfer.

Shipping policies

Productsthat are in our physical store will be shipped directly by Chozas Store, otherwise,

The producer, supplier and seller is responsible for shipping the items sold to buyers, si use a shipping or logistics management service, please note that you are ultimately responsible forensuring that your buyers receive their orders.

By selling at Chozas Store, you agree to:

If the shipment of your product exceeds the minimum charged at Chozas Store the producer, supplier and seller must notify you to generate an actual shipping price for that product.

Ship items quickly as soon as they are sold. Fast shipping means that items must be shipped within 3 days of purchase, unless otherwise specified in the preparation time or agree to another date with Shop Huts via Messages. Before you update the preparation time for a particular order, you must obtain the buyer's consent.

Comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations.

Send the order to the address that appears on the Delivery Note of Chozas Store.

Usethe Shop Hut Shipping Label to be shipped next to the delivery note you'll need to print and attach to the shipping package.

Charge an adequate amount for shipping.

In the unlikely event that an order does not reach its destination, please have a valid proof of shipment. A valid proof of shipment must prove that the item was shipped to the address provided in Chozas Store.

If a buyer does not receive their order, they can open a case against your brand, and your account may be cancelled and removed from our platform, if there are expenses generated in the purchase and return of the money to the customer, the producer, supplier and seller must cancel them.

But don't worry, Chozas Shop offers protectiontol productor, supplier and seller who meet the requirements.

Stock of products.

The producer, supplier and seller must guarantee the existence of their product in Chozas Store, if shown in the sheet of their product.

The producer, supplier and seller who has the option to have their products in our physical store must always have stock to sell them, otherwise the option of having their products in our physical store will be removed.





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