Café Indera traditional 400gr

Through our experience we have created a recipe that highlights the sweetness and body of traditional lojano coffee which allows us to show our roots to our own and strangers.

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We are producers of specialty coffee, our farm is located in the canton Chaguarpamba high coffee area, the dedication and care that we put in each process have made us deserving of both local, national and international recognitions, this has allowed our coffee to be located in prestigious cafes around the world and the eyes of international buyers turn to our province looking for high quality specialty coffee origins.

The weed is one of the most delicate parts of the coffee process, this is where the attributes of this noble fruit are highlighted, in our Processing Plant we have machinery and equipment with the best technology and the knowledge necessary to enjoy the unmistakable aroma and flavor that Café Indera provides to its distinguished customers.

Indera is also Cafeteria and Coffee Shop, innovation and consistency have made us one of the best places where tradition and distant culture are highlighted, in addition you can find typical products of our beloved Loja.

There's a long way to go before we learn and we're sure we're going to keep doing it, we know how important you are to us, so our commitment to always give you the best.

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