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  • Achaki

    Achaki comes from the Quechua word, which means pretext; It is the perfect pretext to complement the essence of today's woman. We create handmade jewelry, home and office items, scarves and clothing.

  • Aminda

    The design and detail in the handcrafted pieces that I elaborate, seek to fill with joy those who admire every trade that has a human touch, a manual stroke. A taste to appreciate the beauty of the scattering of our human nature.

  • Chozas Asociación

    Chozas Asociación is the union between the creators of Shop Huts and entrepreneurs from different parts of the country to create a product together looking for a community good.

  • Chozas Souvenirs

    Here you will find the official products of Chozas, an exclusive selection of handmade products transformed into souvenirs for every occasion.

  • Detalles Dmartina

    My name is Jenny Torres, I dedicate myself to the creation of garments in wool fabric, children's clothing, women, children, costumes for religious images, sale of wools.

  • Eka Cosmética by Ayurnatu

    Eka Cosmética By Ayurnatu is born with the purpose of raising awareness in society, of choosing natural products, to maintain the health of both skin, hair and oral hygiene; we produce products from the Ayurvedic and ancestral philosophy of our country, starting from the planting, harvesting and elaboration of cosmetics.

  • Ekart

    Clock and Mandala carved in wood, lad for coffee, painted boxes, chopping boards.

  • Esencia Nativa

    It could go 100% natural coconut oil free of chemicals or preserve ideal tees to prepare food, natural moisturizer for hair skin.. Ideal for massages.. 4 presentations 500ml,250ml,125ml and 50ml.

  • Frutas y Miel

    Babaco jam with pineapple, 100% artisanal distant tradition

  • Gaia

    Handmade accessories in steel, glass and leather. We also have a completely exclusive line in scarves. The necklaces are made manually, we proceed to cut the leather and then we we we weed the crystals in wire.

  • Hand made Joyera artesanal Lili Alvarado

    My love of chaquira or mustard has been coming for a long time, when I was at school I had two indigenous saraguro companions exactly. And they always adorned their neck with beautiful necklaces my curiosity was very big and I go into the world of the mustard and know all the wonders that can be done with this material. And I went little acquiring knowledge and every day I improved the techniques used, because one never finishes learning.

  • Home Biscuits

    Espresso coffee, we have low-sugar cookies cakes and cakes of different flavors and various salt and sweet products every day

  • Ivis Store

    Crafting and Selling Handmade Soaps

  • Jodasmieles

    Jodasmieles born with the intention of providing 100% quality products handmade, we work on demand to deliver an unmatched garment and make sure it is to the buyer's liking.

  • Kinowa®

    Kinowa® I dedicate myself to the elaboration and sale of quinoa-based snacks in this case cookies of different flavors and presentations.

  • kinti Gourmet

    Alternative and nutritious pastries, we have a variety of recipes of salt and sweet

  • Kipacha

    I am Anabel, biologist and passionate about conservation. Together with my husband, we created this brand to offer sustainable alternatives to the use of plastic bags.

  • La Rocchetta

    La Rocchetta is a proposal new flavors, well-known dishes with different flavors made with recipes of the house.

  • Laguna Negra

    We have our own coffee: ground and toasted hand-picked a handcrafted procedure, strong coffee and concentrated aroma ☕

  • MabJohn

    mabjohn More than chocolate I make coconut chocolate and custom arrangements are made according to the occasion.

  • Manualidades Loly

    I am an entrepreneur who I have aspirations to move forward with the skills I have in crafts, I have followed courses with foreign teachers, in the Municipality of Loja, CASMUL to perfect my knowledge, I do work in fabric, foami, fabric, recycled material, shingle, cold porcelain, etc.


    Original brand with top finishes, lingerie for ladies and gentlemen (pajamas, swimsuits), made with 100% lycra fabric, and 100% cotton, exclusive modern designs, in surgical clothing trench coat, bramante carolina

  • Monelizart

    I love knitting, He did works in recycling and cold porcelain for the home.


    My venture is agribusiness our products are organic to take care of people who consume hygienically ourselves sow harvest and market

  • Mundo Creativo

    We are dedicated to making customized products, in wood, glass, fabric, products such as shirts, mugs, lamps and signs with LED lights all to your liking and disposal.

  • Natumisk

    Natumisk is a brand dedicated to the production of fruit syrup, the same that are made using a base syrup whose flavor and color is applied with natural fruit pulp. To make the Syrups, fruit selection is made, among the characteristic of the fruit is a high degree of maturity without altering the quality of the raw material, and then depulpatating the fruit and using it in the cooking of the fruit syrup, continues to filter to be packaged seal and label.

  • Naturaia

    I create elves, magical beings of nature, inspired by the elements water, earth, air, fire. I use natural stones with healing and energy properties that serve to heal emotionally and physically, they are ideal to use near electronic devices since they counteract radiation, they are also very nice to use in gardening and decoration, etc.

  • Naturalis

    NATURALIS "deliciously healthy" Peanut butter, Chocomanian butter, Almond butter, Chocoalmendra butter.

  • Neptuno

    Pool shrimp, special product for baskets of huts shop


    NESALF, we produce fine-scented cocoa products such as flavored chocolates, mixed chocolate tablets, flavored cream chocolate, multicolored chocolate and mannequin.

  • Nodillos

    I am a university girl of 22 years who from a very young age learned the art of knotting and currently make great creations such as bags, backpacks, rugs, table paths, pots, among others. I like to be original with every accessory I make, so I make them with a lot of dedication and completely by hand. I want every person who buys my products to feel unique sporting special fabrics.

  • Orfita Condimentos Gourmet

    Orfita Condimentos Gourmet, offers citizens faraway and national high quality seasonings, innovative flavors full of health.
  • Paticos

    Paticos is a handcrafted brand specialized in the design of handbags and wallets all handmade, embroidered on different types of materials, they also perform custom work on request, thus sending throughout the country.

  • Pirulo

    Handmade crafts and crafts with recycled pieces transformed into art.

  • Remm Medicina Ancestral

    Company dedicated to phytotherapy using products based on cannabis, clove, ozone, camphor.


    I am an entrepreneurial and creative person of 25 years, entitled in plastic arts and graphic design who decided to combine this passion for art, and thus give you a product wrapped in love, art and quality.

    I always sought to give value to what many people found obsolete; the privilege of having grown up in a city where majestic rivers flow allowed me to observe wasted resources. One day as I walked along the banks, notice a beautiful wood with peculiar shapes floating along the banks of the Bombuscaro River, since then I look to be able to give people a little of what nature gives us, the focus and determination to look for better days and never settle, added to the motivation that each Ecuadorian possesses was what I strive to undertake. One phrase I'll always remember is that "in the darkest moments it's where you can shine."

  • Sanmi bisutería

    Jewelry and Accessories for lady gentlemen and children. My accessories are made 100% by hand

  • Seja Creatividad

    Seja Creatividad is a brand that offers you several colorful, creative and exclusive options. Hands and brush are our allies.


    I'm Virginia Ocampo teaching by profession and entrepreneur. The taste of creating objects with my hands symbolize the love of contributing to the preservation of the environment, led me to work with beeswax and natural fiber (sheep's wool).

  • Sol de venado

    San Pedro de Vilcabamba Specialty Craft Brewery

    Craft Brewery in Ecuador. Translation: Alpineglow

  • Sumaq

    SUMAQ. EC is a brand of handmade jewelry made of 100% natural Czech mustaille

  • Sutu cultivos hidroponicos

    Hydroponic lettuce, grown to the highest quality standards. By not using soil, the use of insecticides and fungicides, which affect health, is significantly eliminated.

  • Tarpuy

    The handicrafts we offer are based on wool fabrics, we offer a range of products such as coats, crop top, bags, accessories and other decorative elements made entirely by hand.

  • Vanna Mandala

    "vanna mandala", title that arises from the derivation of the name Vanessa, next to the term mandala, whose main meaning is "Magic Circle", the same that brings great benefits at the psychological level in reducing stress, anxiety, attention span - concentration and strengthening of mental functions.

  • Veva Eventos

    We organize all kinds of events, so that that special day you can enjoy it without any worries with yours.

  • Victoriana

    Porcelain elf creator

  • Vintage Style Loja

    Vintage Style Loja Decorated pots Custom plates and posters Industrial decorative furniture tiles buckets, milkmen, etc decorated decorated decorated bottles subsidize (soaps, candles, decorated towels) decorated wooden chifles. Tables, restored trunks, etc vintage line boys line vintage girls.

  • Vsano

    Natural Living, we offer 100% natural and artisan almond butter, 100% honey bee honey.

  • Vulcapelos

    A lover of motorcycles and steel, we are a brand that creates iron miniatures.

  • Yuyus Bisutería

    YuyusBisuteria, is the brand I created to promote my handmade designs. My slogan is "accessories to enhance your beauty"


    Master of cutting and making and designer from a very young age I really liked everything that has to do with the traditions of our country and especially with crafts every craftsman has a beautiful gift in her hands and I also saw my mom make beautiful artisanal embroidery and I always wanted her not to get lost so now that I can use all that and combine it with modern and youthful garments , thus encouraging work for maa artisans in both embroidery and macanas





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